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This light sculpture was inspired by the painting Black Square.

Black Square (also known as The Black Square or Malevich's Black Square) is an iconic painting by Kazimir Malevich, a Polish artist born in Kyiv (Ukraine). The first version was done in 1915. Malevich made four variants of which the last is thought to have been painted during the late 1920s or early 1930s. Black Square was first shown in The Last Futurist Exhibition 0,10 in 1915. The work is frequently invoked by critics, historians, curators, and artists as the "zero point of painting", referring to the painting's historical significance and paraphrasing Malevich

Dimentions: 90 x 90 cm

Material: anodized aluminum (12 mm)

Color: matt black (RAL 9017)

Light: LED with high color rendering index (50 000 hours)

Colour temperature:  warm 2700 K.

Power cord: thin (2x1mm) white wire 2.5m long + foot pedal on/off switch + 1 m adapter wire + power adapter 220V → 12v (5A) EU plug (included).

Mount: very easy on the wall with one nail and fishing line (all included).

Dimmer: dimmable, compatible with all 12v dimmers, dimmer (dimmer not included)

For indoor use only, IP20